Dear Kendall,

Dear Kendall,

Tears forming just by writing the salutation. My world…My everything..Only 2 years into the game and you have rocked my world in ways I have never imagined. I remember the first time I held you. You were so little, with all those wires and cords connected to you. Didnt matter that I knew what every monitor read and why every light flashed. I saw beyond the scary sight of the ICU and saw YOU. You had a rough little journey..but you made it and you were here and so real. I could actually see you..feel you..smell you.. my actual heart outside my body..surreal.

Amazing..Wonderful..Beautiful..Are the first 3 words I think of when I think of you. Still can’t believe that I helped produce you and am beyond grateful that you call me MOM.

I do believe God sent you to me to help slow me down a bit..get me to regroup and refocus on what is most important in my life. I was giving my all to all the wrong energies and I swear your birth was like a purge from all of that. A totally clear and clean insight on what I wanted my life to be.

Little girl you are so dope, so smart, so pretty, so everything I want to be! I love you beyond the moon and back and will continue to show and tell you everyday. You are a joy to everyone that meets you and continue to be a driving light in my life.

Thank You and Happy Birthday!

Love Your Mommy and #1 Fan

**Ke and Kendi Take The World Est 10/22/14**

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