When you think of a tree what do you think of? The roots are more important than the leaves or the trunk of a tree if you ask me.  The roots always tell a story. It is the foundation and start of something so little that sprawled from the earth and maybe can grow as high as the heavens. The tree stub, the leaves, the bird making a nest in the tree wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the roots. The roots are the foundation to your very being. The beginning.

Today is my grandmothers 88th birthday and as my family and I celebrate her life, I have to think of how many roots she has instilled in her family and extended family all over the world. My grandmother is a mother, wife, teacher, educator, and all around phenomenal woman on a little island in the Caribbean called St. Vincent.  The epitome of strength and grace, she was always admired and adored by everyone near and far and still is to this day. As I watch, in admiration, of all the thoughtful well wishes coming from around the world just for my little grandmother on this day…it warms my heart. I want to instill and be remembered in people’s lives just like her. I want to make a difference and be acknowledged for my effort while I am still breathing just like her. Who wouldn’t want to be a root in their family? To be a firm, supportive, and positively nourishing need in someone’s life is beyond full filling.  We are all blessed with a God has legit planted a root in all of us. Some have started watering it, others don’t even know it exists. When you have started nurturing those roots and it starts to flourish only then you will  realize how much you are worth in this world.

I am blessed to have such a remarkable root in my family to want to mimic and be just like as I grow. Granny Rose we love you so much and am so happy you are here to celebrate your 88th bday with us! Now let’s drink up ! It’s a celebration!  🎉 

#MazelTov #Roots #GrannyTurns21🎉 #Blessed

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