The BK Girl Ms. Brathwaite

Now Kendis Korner is quite familiar with this Bubbly BK Beauty but as a formal introduction, readers,  please welcome Ms. Shinese Brathwaite 🙂 raving out of Brooklyn, NY this 33 (soon to be 34) year old mom of a gorgeous 13-year-old daughter, Layla, has a Masters in Organizational Management, works full-time in Marketing and is a part-time MomPreneur. BK Girl’s Night Out is Shinese’s other baby and was launched back in March 2013. Shinese’s first event consisted of a clothing swap in her BK apartment where women swapped gently worn or new clothing with each other, mingled, sipped and had a great time. This event was a success and sparked a series of events to come.

To date, this BK girl has successfully coordinated 12 networking events in Brooklyn which serve as a great basis for entrepeneurs and vendors to showcase their work, network, make some money, and have a great time.  Shinese’s favorite event to date is “Lets Runway” because she feels she had been thru so much growing as an entrepeneur at that point and really put her all into it and it showed!

Kendi’s Korner asked this BK girl what was one pro and con about being in the event business. A huge pro for Shinese was being able to connect with other people in the buisness and a con was that it sometimes pulls away from family time. Shinese admits it is not easy juggling being a mother of a teenager and managing a successfully growing buisness. Her 13-year-old is quite reserved but shines her light when it comes to dance and sports.  Shinese states she is not ready to be a Mom of a High School student but doesn’t have much choice as September slowly approaches.

Kendi’s Korner asked what advice this BK Girl had for other vendors or small business owners who are struggling and in need of promotion. Shinese states best thing you can do is find your audience. “You will never know who you can market to until you know who your marketing too”. Take your time and do your research and Shinese also stresses to be careful who you are doing buisness with, you are building your brand and everyone you associate with can either make or break you.

Kendi’s Korner has known Shinese for more than 20 years and one thing we have always admired was how well she connected with other individuals to help them promote their gifts to the world. Shinese is the definition of how working together can help build up a community and Kendi’s Korner will like to thank her for taking the time to speak with us and for all that she does. ❤


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