Above The Law with Ms. Lodge

Ms. Sareeta Lodge..hailing from Brooklyn NY, this beautiful 30-year-old Mama of 2 steady growing black boys (Jayden 12, and JT 6, who is currently looking for employment)  has come to the Korner to share some insight on what it is like being a “Minority Mom ” in this day and age. So what is a “Minority Mom”?  Well, if you are not Caucasian and decided to have children in a world driven to please and enhance the lives of Caucasians..Congratulations you are a Minority Mom! As it is unfortunate that there is even a majority or minority in this society in 2017, it is the reality.   Ms. Lodge is currently employed as a paralegal/ legal assistant for an employment law firm in NYC but has an extensive background working and being mentored by the late great Ken Thompson with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office.

If you are from Brooklyn, and not familiar with some of the work of Ken Thompson, Kendi’s Korner is willing to enlighten you.  As per the NY Times, Mr. Ken Thompson was elected as the first Black Brooklyn District Attorney in 2013.  He was known for being the voice for racial justice at a moment of tension between law enforcement and minority communities. Mr. Thompson was a former federal prosecutor who went on to have a successful private law practice and earned a reputation in office as one of the country’s most progressive district attorneys.

Ms. Lodge, as part of the Thompson team, helped create a robust internal unit that reviewed questionable convictions and helped establish a policy of not prosecuting most low-level marijuana arrests. So ironically, this woman ended up working hand in hand with a man, sent by God, to ensure that her son’s and the rest of the black community can get a chance for equal and a just opportunity in AmeriKKKa.  Sareeta started her career as a college intern with the DA office in 2013 under the former DA Charles Hynes and was hired full-time under Ken Thompson (faith).

The Korner asked, how does it feel being a mother of 2 young black boys in AmeriKKKa, and how important is it for her to educate her children in ways of dealing with law enforcement in 2017? Ms. Lodge states, she never thought she would have been leading these types of conversations with her 6 & 12-year-old sons, but considering the recent murders of our black boys and men, it is absolutely necessary. “I never want my boys to be fearful, but it is imperative that they are knowledgeable and aware of the indifference ‘s we face and also aware of their rights. The scariest part, as a mother, and the disturbing reality is that they can do everything right and it still not be enough.”

Ms. Lodge states she was honored with the opportunity to work under the leadership of the late DA Ken Thompson. One thing that she will always keep in mind is what he stood for. Mr. Thompson was the beacon for change and justice for all. Sareeta learned that in order to make changes, in any capacity, you have to fully reconstruct. It is never comfortable or easy, but at times very necessary. “Mr. Thompson believed in my potential before I did, and I am forever in his debt. He is truly missed”.  Mr. Thompson died of colon cancer in 2016 at age 50.

The Korner also sees some potential in Ms. Lodge and am eager to see what she has to bring forth for the future. With a possible change in her career, I am happy to know that there is a “sista” on the other side who understands the struggle. As we continue to pray for peace and understanding between Minority’s, Majority’s , Caucasians, and/or Blacks, we must also continue to educate ourselves and stay one step ahead at all times. For our kids and for our futures.

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