Keish Got The Keys

As MayMayhem officially comes to a close, Korner readers be inspired with some motivation to jump-start your June. Please welcome Ms. Nickeisha Wills! BK born but currently residing in the sunny skies of Florida, this vivacious 29-year-old Mama of 3 is no stranger when it comes to making and achieving life changing goals.

Ms. Wills is currently employed as an RN nurse case manager for a health care insurance company, but her career varies from bedside nursing and beyond. Kendi’s Korner asked which speciality of nursing did she prefer the best since her healing hands have worked with patients ranging from bedside, home care, and now literally back to her own bed’s side (if you catch my drift).

Nickeisha states of course everyone is familiar with the nurse in the hospital that gives out medications, the nurse that makes visits at home, but few are aware of the nurse who works behind the scenes. I am the nurse that determines whether or not patient’s MD visits, outpatient procedures or surgery’s are approved by the insurance company. “Out of all, my favorite position will always be bedside nursing. Nothing will ever compare to providing hands on patient care and having a solid team of nurses, techs, and doctors by your side.”

Nickeisha who became a mother at the tender age of 17 is no stranger when it comes to struggle. She states becoming a teen mom was nothing but fuel and motivation for her to catapult her life to the next level, not only for herself but also for her growing family.  Now with a Husband, 12, 6, and 1-year-old added to her team, this May, the Wills family has officially moved into their first new home. Not bad for a former teen mom from Brooklyn right?

We asked what advice would she give to the teen mom reading this that is scared of what is to come next. “I will tell her that anything is possible. It may sound cliché but it is the truth. NEVER GIVE UP. Whatever plans you have for your future, go forward with it, everything else will fall into place. ALWAYS look at the bigger picture, a short-term struggle will always be worth a lifetime of success.

The Korner asked how did it feel to be added to the #HouseOwner’sUnder30Club. “It feels like a million dreams have come true all at once.” Nickeisha raves that her parents have become her biggest support through all of her accomplishments to date and she would be nowhere without their guidance and support.

To end this MayMayhem series with a bang, Kendi’s Korner wants everyone to know that regardless of who is running the race, the finish line is there to cross for everyone. Everything happens in its own time and never when you want it to be. Trust the process, have patience, and work hard for everything you want in life and you will reap the benefits.

The Korner will like to thank all participants of #MayMayhem and Ms. Wills for taking the time to share her accomplishments as a source of motivation for the world! You Did That!! #THANKYOU

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