Fearless Fanny

I’ve never met a 2-year-old braver than this little fire cracker I know. Will literally walk right up to the face of danger and ask, What Is For Lunch? lol Well maybe I have met someone similar in the past (me). Children are one of the most innocent and self less beings in the world. I envy the way they live vicariously throughout the day without a care or struggle. Why should they care? Life as they know it is already planned, perfected, and laid out  for them just waiting to be executed. We can thank the lovely parents for that (Thanks Mom).

But when you do think about it..what exactly causes someone to be fearful? How do we know what fear feels like? Experience of course is a key component, but unfortunately, some people are fearful of the unknown.  How can you be afraid of something without even experiencing it?  Without taking that leap of faith and motivating one self to push past any bad feelings that may arise, fear will leave you paralyzed.  It can have one miss out on something major in your life. Scared to apply for that job, Nervous to approach that guy, Skeptical about taking over that major test in your life. Fear is the common factor in all of these situations and will hold you back from endless possibilities that you may not even know exists.

They say when it scares you its a good thing and I do agree.  They also say anxiety and fear walk hand in hand, but if you think about it, everything that you have ever been anxious about, once it was conquered I know you felt amazing. I say often that anxiety is a good thing, if it is conquered. If it is consumed you really never know what you are missing out on. Do not miss out on something in your life because of fear. Try it and even if you fail.. try again. FEAR CAN NEVER WIN! So do not let it 🙂

Although my daughter shows no signs of being scared of anything or anyone at this point in her life, I envy her innocence and purity that she resonates. She gives me a sense of hope knowing that although I might be afraid of her next step (Move away from there!, Dont Go To Far! Take That Out Your Mouth!)..she definitely got this and with my guidance and eagle eye attentive nature will always be OK.

#FearlessFanny #IAintScaredOfNoGhost #DontHoldBack

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