SEVENTY. Every number has a meaning, symbolic in nature, and with nothing but purpose and power in its being. Sometimes you are drawn to a specific number and you have no idea why. Other times, the fascination with the numerical system comes about when you finally hit a milestone age, like say SEVENTY.

SEVENTY has a sacred meaning in the Bible that is made up of the factors of two perfect numbers, seven (representing perfection) and ten (representing completeness and God’s law). As such, it symbolizes perfect spiritual order carried out with all power. It can also represent a period of judgment ( This past weekend, I was honored to attend a 70th birthday party that I surely will never forget. My Uncle turned 70 and besides all of the lights, food, beautiful decorations, and people, what stood out to me the most about this remarkable night was the words that were said.

If seven represents perfection, my dear Uncle has surpassed that representation. Known for his selflessness and love for uplifting the community, this mans accomplishments definitely went unnoticed. I surely wasn’t surprised when one of his childhood friends who happens to now be the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, took the stage to bid his friend congratulations on reaching such a milestone and gratitude for all he has done for the country. (SUPER DOPE)

If ten represents completeness, I think this man is far from completing anything as he likes to say he is “retired” but still finds the time and energy to travel across the world and lend his voice and knowledge about farm trading, preserving environmental conditions in his country, and of course stressing the importance of political gain in this nation.

If you know me.. I LOVE MY FAMILY. I’ve had so many ups and downs with “friends” in my life that I am all about keeping the people with my own bloodline close to me. Apparently, they understand, love, and care for me and the best part about it is that they can’t get rid of me even if they wanted to :-).

I will end this one with something else I learned about my dear Uncle and his brothers this weekend that I found amazing.  I learned that back in the 70’s, my uncles orchestrated their own Kwanzaa celebration/rally right in the town square. They did it by themselves and with limited support because they felt it was something important to be done and needed to be celebrated. Sounds familiar or na.. LOL.




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