Critical Confessions

IMG-1680At 30 years old, this Intensive Care Registered Nurse is far from timid when it comes to having her voice heard, and no stranger to traveling across the country to beat the cold. Readers of Kendi’s Korner, we are pleased to introduce you to Ms. Letechia Yarde, RN BSN CCRN hailing out of Brooklyn, and heavily repping Barbados, to the fullest. Ms.Yarde began her ICU career at the tender age of 20, when she landed her first Intensive Care position at Kings County hospital in New York City.

Ms. Yarde is often referred to as the “timid firecracker” amongst her friends, and we’re curious to know the story behind the nickname. Kendi’s Korner asked Ms. Yarde just how important it is for someone to have a strong backbone when dealing with intense, life threatening situations in such a critical atmosphere? She responded, “Baby, I’m from New York, the Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” She strongly believes that having thick skin definitely helps with getting through the day, especially when it concerns dealing with management, colleagues, patients and family members.  Ms. Yarde admits that landing her first nursing job in the ICU was quite nerve wrecking, but feels it has helped her grow into the strong, critical, caring nurse she is today.

Critical Confessions

As a travel Intensive Care Registered Nurse, Ms. Yarde has found solace in temporarily residing on the West Coast of the U.S., especially during the harsh East Coast winter months. She considers herself to be a classic introvert, and confesses that this move was a major life-decision to make. We asked if the time difference from NYC to LA has created a major impact on her work life, and she states so simply, “The experience is wonderful, and I’ve been trying new things. My only regret would have been not taking a dive at this opportunity. I’m thankful I didn’t quit traveling as a nurse. I’m able to do both! Take those chances people!!! Even if you fail at least you tried, YOLO!”

We asked what destination she would like to embark on next, and Ms. Yarde told us, as the grey hairs start to protrude, she’s thinking of settling down in one state, and finishing school, although we know she’ll always have a vacation lined up. “Nomad life is not easy, but it really is worth the experience, and I’m happy I experienced it,” she said.

As we journey onward into Women’s History Month, Kendi’s Korner is taking the opportunity to salute Ms. Letechia Yarde, RN BSN for being a woman taking a chance at life. We only have one life to live, and if it’s lived right, once is just enough.

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