Destiny Fulfilled

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At 17 years old, Kendi’s Korner salutes Destiny Elmine as the official #BlackGirlMagic Ambassador of Brooklyn :-). Destiny compels your attention, with added attributes, she is driven, focused, and  eloquently spoken beyond her years. The Korner was blown away and honored to interview this young Vincentian/Haitian Brooklyn beauty for our ‘Women of Wonder’ series this month.

Destiny attends Clara Barton High School, currently a senior, where her focal area of study is Dentistry. While progressively attaining the experience, working part time as a Dental Assistance in a black owned dental clinic, located right downtown Brooklyn, her determination for success is embodied clearly in her name. Destiny raves that all employees of the clinic were past Clara Barton alumni’s and are able to relate to her as a student steadily perusing her career in dentistry.

Destiny dreams to become a Pedodentist (Dentist for children) and has already received acceptance from NYC Tech, Hostos, LaGuardia, and Kingsborough for their dentistry programs. Sis is clearly on a mission! At 17, I think I was busy trying to decide which name belt I was wearing for the next night out at Empire Skating Rink. Life ;-?.

We asked Destiny if she had any specific women she wanted to Shout-out for this Women’s History Month that has motivated and inspired her to want to live her best life possible. Destiny would like to shout-out her mother Deborah, who has always been a major supporter in everything she does. Also her teacher’s, Ms. Escobres; Ms. Biodonab and aunt’s that have also made a strong impact in her life.

To the girl who has that passion in her heart, but afraid to act on it, Destiny states she wouldn’t be blessed with the opportunities she is experiencing now if she did not speak up.  “Suck It Up!..Hike Up Your Skirt..And Just Go For It!”-Destiny Elmine

As we know we are right in the middle of Women’s History Month and this specific Shout-out, the Korner wanted to signify that “Age Aint Nothing But A Number”-Aaliyah. Dreams can be made and initiated at any given time or place in one’s life. Destiny is already on the path to fulfilling her dreams at 17 years young, and as we watch her continue on her journey, we will pray for her guidance through all life’s smooth and rough patches.

The Korner will like to salute this #BlackGirlMagic ambassador and commemorate her for her drive and effort in staying focused and steadfast in this concrete jungle we call Brooklyn.

#KeepItUp #Congratulations #IssAnotherFutureBlackDentist #CelebrateTheYouth #DestinyFullfilled

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