Fortune Of Family

Jamaican native, Ms. Paula Francis, is a 50 year old woman on a mission. As a young mother migrating from the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica, in 1996, Ms. Francis landed in New York City ready to pursue a new life with her two children, Tiffany and Romich.

Transitioning into a new country at a young age, with young children was not an easy task for Ms. Francis to conquer, but she still managed to move forward with her goals. She obtained a college degree at 29 years old, followed by landing what turned out to be a longstanding career in finance for 28 years.

It was during Ms. Francis’ 28th year of her career when she made the decision to part ways with her employer, and embark on a new journey. That year, in 2014, Ms. Francis was expecting the arrival of her first grandchild, and had the honor of planning and organizing her first baby shower for baby Taylor.

Along with the pure excitement of planning a baby shower to celebrate the arrival of her grandson, a creative flame sparked and spread like a wild fire. Ms. Paula Francis knew producing events was something she had a passion for and wanted to do more often, and as with all things, it was in God’s time when PMF Events was born.

It was important to Ms. Francis to build a family-run business, and is proud to have her two children as business partners. Now, five years in the game, PMF Events is a successfully run event planning business based out of Brooklyn, NY.

They’re currently expanding their business by developing customized items, such as candles, gift bags plates, vases and more, which will be available for purchase upon request. (Instagram: PMFEVENTS1)

The Korner was curious of Ms. Francis’ secret to success, and she stresses the importance of prioritizing. Life as a business owner, mom, and “Glam-Mom” is not easy, but she believes that when she prioritizes her time well, and meticulously prepares for events beforehand, it makes her life less hectic, and her family business run smoothly.

The Korner asked Ms. Francis what advice would she give to the woman who has a passion in their heart, but may be afraid to act on it, and she answered, “If you have a passion for something just go for it. I didn’t know event planning was my passion at first, but it has become one, and I’ve put everything I got into it. I’ve grown tremendously and now I’m unstoppable!”

The Korner would like to give a well-deserved shout-out to Ms. Paula Francis during this Women’s History Month, for gracefully showcasing the power in unity of family. We salute her for showing her children the true meaning of the old Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you fed him for a lifetime.” Let’s continue to celebrate and work together with our families. Legacies cannot be made without work put behind it. 🙂 Let’s work.


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