Wishing On A Star Pt 2


With over a billion stars in the galaxy, what are the odds of Kendi’s Korner being able to catch one of the brightest in Brooklyn to showcase right here on the Korner? Reader’s, please meet Ms. Star Smith. “I am a Brooklyn bed Visionary”, Star exclaims when asked if she would introduce herself. She adds, “Being a Visionary entails believing that no personal or professional goal is unreachable. It takes inspiration, wisdom, creativity, growth of  knowledge, and networking.” Star also works as a consultant servicing city agencies, non-for profits, and private clients and has started her own empowerment movement called Peri4Real Vision to facilitate/host events that provide self-help tools to either find, design, and refine one’s focus on his/her goals.

If I haven’t said a mouthful already about the wonderful Star Smith, please let me add, that this Brooklyn beauty also is a wife and mother to two gorgeous girls.  It is mind boggling how she manages to maintain her home, uplift spirits, and make an impactful change in the community. Ms. Smith is definitely proof that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Star at a Vision board party last year where she was the event facilitator. We asked Star how important it was for women to understand that goals can be achieved once you stay steadfast and work towards achieving them. 
Star voiced understanding that as women we are natural masters of multitasking and our time  can be easily pulled in a million directions, that we forget about the one task that we are most passionate about. ” I find it is very important for us as women to take the time to understand ourselves and the necessity to feed our passion. Naturally, we are often nurturers who empower everyone around us and should take some time to really focus on ourselves. Being enthused, strategic and intentional is the most productive way I know of to achieving goals.”- Star Smith 

There would be no Women’s History Month without a little mention of empowerment. Star feels women empowerment is the extraordinary strength we possess used by global agents of positive change and influence. As a mother, she stresses the importance of her girls embracing their culture and individualism. “I desire for them to be women of faith, confidence, and tenacity to utilize their strength”. 

Star’s message to the woman who has a passion in their hearts and afraid to act on it: “It’s okay to be afraid. It is NOT okay to stay fearful and stagnant. It has been my experience that fear has the power to kill creativity only if we allow it. Allow yourself to be fearful AND do whatever it is anyway!” 

We will also like to highlight Ms. Smith is available for private group events and is hosting an upcoming Brunch to “Spring Forward” into May.

The Korner will like to thank the lovely Star Smith for gracing us with this feature  and commend all of her hard work and drive for wanting to make a difference in our community. We should be the first role models for our children, why not have them see you living your life to the fullest and full of passion?


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