Invasion Of Cardi

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or totally not hip hop inclined, the past two weeks have been quite an earful for Hip Hop Heads across the world. Kendi’s Korner is Brooklyn based and a huge Hip Hop fan. Growing up to the vibes of Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic, and Enter The Wu-Tang, it is no surprise that I eventually picked up the Hip Hop bug and even ventured into my own lyricism in my early 20’s. I am retired so NO, I will not spit a quick 16 bars for you Korner readers LOL.

Although my rapping days may be over, my ears are still in tune with our hip-hop culture. As hip-hop continues to change, old favorites disappear, and new refreshing acts take the stage. It is a bittersweet feeling to know that I may not be able to relate to the ever-changing pace of this new Hip Hop era. Yearning for something new, something funky, and something relatable. Kendi’s Korner was beyond ecstatic to listen to Cardi B’s first EP Invasion of Privacy that was released earlier this month.

Cardi B is a former exotic dancer from the Bronx. I have been following Cardi B since then LOL. She is and has always been hilarious, down to earth, too real, and a tad bit ignorant. The one thing that has not changed about her over all the years and success is that she is still the same hilarious, down to earth, too real and a tad bit ignorant woman she was when she first slid down that pole in the Bronx.

Kendis Korner is overjoyed to review Invasion Of Privacy and blown away by the quality of work this artist has created. Being an underdog, with no musical background or training, and just hungry for success, I am proud to say Cardi has proven the naysayers wrong and has received a standing ovation from Kendi’s Korner!

Every song on this album is all Cardi and speaks of her journey to success, her endless battles of having to prove herself to her counterparts and the dreaded haters, and of course of her new found love which she most proudly showcases on her finger and now her belly (Congrats sis!).

The Korner is so proud of Cardi B and all of her accomplishments and wishes her nothing but continued success and love as her new family grows. The significance of Cardi B being pregnant right now along with being at the height of her career can be seen as something beautiful or distasteful in our society. Cardi stated in a radio interview ” Why do I have to choose? Why can’t I have both? A baby and a successful career?” I ask the same question. Why can’t she? For me becoming a mother sparked a whole new world. You get a sense of wanting to do more, wanting to be more, wanting to live more. If Cardi is already on top of the world now, can you imagine what we have in store once she is a mom? I legit can’t wait!!!


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2 thoughts on “Invasion Of Cardi

  1. Do u think it was rushed because of pregnancy? And most of her tracks was features or already in radio rotation? Just asking


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