Jolie’s Dream

If you are a Caribbean Brooklyn-ite like myself, then you know that Nostrand Avenue is one of those streets in Brooklyn you can almost call “home”. Known for its multicultural flags, ethnicity, and mouth watering Caribbean bakery aromas, Nostrand Ave is literally your one stop shop for everything Caribbean. So it wasn’t a surprise to see a Guyanese Hidden Gem- Jolies Studio take its place right on the notorious strip.

It was an honor to pick the brain of one half of the dynamic duo behind the infamous Jolies Studio. Ms. Deidre Duke let The Korner know that “Its Definitely A Family Thing”!
Jolies Studio is a family business run by 2 GT beauties and sisters Jo-Laine and Deidre. Deidre let us know that Jolie’s came about after a few failed attempts at success and a reapproach back to something familiar and second nature to the family, event hosting and planning.

Since 2017, Jolie’s has taking off! I had to ask, as a single mother, what advice would you give to the budding entrepreneur who is afraid to take that first step. “Take the chance”, Deidre stressed the importance of keeping that leap of faith and God in everything that you do. “Remember you are doing this for the kids”. Deidre does understand the difficulty with tackling parenting and being a boss and suggests to all single mothers to just bring the kids! “Let them see your drive and hustle”.

Deidre is a mother of 2, DJ (9) and Denver (2) and Jo-Laine has her own 2 Divas Nia (12) and Chloe (10) to tackle after all of the weekend festivities at the Studio are threw. We asked, what is the biggest challenge of being a mother and entrepreneur in 2019? TIME! Ms. Duke highlights effective planning and execution is key in everything and one of the only ways to stay on top of it all. With a preteen who is at a stage of finding himself and demanding attention to a 1 year old always on the go, Deidre confesses that at times the “MomGuilt” hits heavy, but finding the time for them both individually is of vital importance. Keeping the faith and knowing that what we are building now ” is only the foundation and things will get better” is what is pushing this dynamic family to keep going and keep pursuing their dreams.

We know that there are so many event coordination businesses in town, although I do not see that as a reason to deter your dreams, the more the merrier, especially when it comes to black owned businesses, but the Korner had to ask how does Jolie’s Studio stay a cut above the rest but still manage to keep that BK Flair?

“We are always into something new, always evolving and always learning.”  Jo-Laine takes educational classes regularly to help perfect her skill and with Deidre’s fashion and marketing background it is easy to stay in the know. Deidre states, “we plan on budget, and working with different vendors who provides efficient, unique and affordable services is always key to staying popular amongst a sea of event coordination businesses.

I must say, the expertise, professionalism, and class of Jolie’s Studio is one of the reasons why their success will forever grow. As Mothers Day comes to an end and we continue to celebrate for the rest of the month of May, lets toast to these Mamas Making Moves and Making Money While Doing It!

CHEERS TO Jolies Studio!

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