Delightfully Desh

They say only Queens come out of Queens… and after meeting the delicate Ms. Deshanne Lowe, I have to say that quote is precisely correct. The Korner was introduced to this beauty over 10 years ago in college and by first glance the glow this woman encompasses will leave you intrigued and mesmerized. Fast forward to present day, and not only is her beauty still radiating but she also has a spirit with the faith to match. Now a Mother of 2, a budding career and a Masters degree on the way, we could not wait to sit down to chat with our long time friend.

Being a single mother of 2 is no walk in the park, we asked what Ms. Lowe does to decompress from the stress and keep it together. “I pray!” Deshanne finds herself challenged mentally and physically from family and friends. “Everyday is a struggle, trying to hold down home life, work, and school. I have to stop, pray, and breathe. I have to keep going”. Strong words from a strong woman.

Deshanne stresses that the mental aspect of doing it alone sometimes causes her to breakdown, but then reality hits, that she is doing her very best, her children are fed, smart, and happy and it is quite rewarding. Deshanne admits that although she is a single mother, her support system helps to keep her grounded and going. At the end of the day it still takes a village to raise a child and she is beyond thankful for her tribe.

Set to graduate with her Masters in Social Work this fall, Deshanne states that after graduation she plans to just relax. “Juggling a full time job working with children in the community, being a full time student, and parenting to 2 growing children is a lot. I need to get back to my self care and do things to better me after going nonstop for the past few years”.

Now everyone knows the Korner LOVES SOCIAL WORKERS. We asked how Deshanne Lowe, MSW plans to impact the world once those lovely letters are added to her name. ” I want to promote awareness of recognizing the importance of human relationships in life.” Deshanne understands that having a strong family relationship is the key to creating strong and everlasting relationships with people in the outside world. “Spread Love.” Deshanne simply says. Deshanne also wants to tackle mental health awareness in the black community as she notices with the rise of social media and technology, there is less emphasis on peoples actual well being which is not ok.

Kendi’s Korner will like to applaud and congratulate Ms. Deshanne Lowe on her current and future en-devours. Social workers change the world by impacting and promoting change and we are very happy to shout out our friend Ms. Deshanne Lowe, MSW on this Mothers On A Mission Series

#QueensRaiseQueens #SocialWork #MotherOnaMission #Love


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