Couldn’t Be Kobe

2020 has definitely started off with a bang! Wouldn’t you agree? Despite my own personal changes and growth this year, the world also seems to be taking on an unexplainable shift in the energy. Do you feel it? From impeachment’s, war threats, pandemic disease outbreaks and the shocking and untimely death of an American icon and his 13 year old daughter plus 7 other amazing human beings seems to just add icing to this hell of cake.

What’s next?

Most of us have started this year as any other year..listing your goals, completing a vision board, setting your resolutions, etc, but in the midst of the planning, does anyone ever think what if there is a change…of plans….of feelings…of wanting to do. What if an emergency or untimely event arises and now you are stuck in a whirlwind of trying to deal with this new obstacle in front of you verses trying to complete the initial plans you laid ahead of you to tackle.

I don’t think anyone is ever ready when such situations occur. But preparing your mind, body, and spirit is key. Rome wasn’t built in a day so why do you feel like this obstacle should be conquered right now at this moment. Patience is a virtue.

As the world mourns Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant and speaks of the remarkable man he was, the amazing leader, father and community service advocate, we continue to pray for all the families and people that will be affected by his loss. The legacy he leaves behind is nothing short of amazing. The fact that people around the world all feel this pain and ache together is a comforting yet humbling feeling. We are all humans and as different as we all may feel we are. We are all alike. Kobe’s death brings me back to a quote from a phenomenal woman who I had the pleasure of interviewing during my Grief Podcast series (Life After Death…The Notorious G.R.I.E.F Podcast Series) I conducted last year. This Queen simply stated “Don’t ever think what you see in the news won’t happen to you! Tragedy takes its toll in different shapes and sizes, don’t ever think it can’t ever happen to you!” I’m sure Kobe not the 8 other passengers saw didn’t saw this coming. I instantly said “It couldn’t be Kobe” when I first got the news, but it was. As unbelievable as this tragedy seems, it was. The Queen was right, tragedy does hit in different shapes and forms, but when it does…trust and believe in your faith to get you through even the darkest of moments. It’s the only way to make it through.

My heart goes out to his daughters who had the honor of being raised by such an outstanding man and although their time together has been cut short his #GirlDad legacy will remain forever in their hearts.

My warmest condolences to all those affected by this tragic helicopter accident that took lives from people that didn’t even know would of been affected by their absence. Just another reminder that grief has no limits ever. Do not succumb to the pain…use the memories as fuel to ignite and jump start your life today. Fight and keep pushing always…the ones that have paved the way for us deserve it!

#RestInPeace #Grief #Tragedy #KobeBryant

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