Adjusting Alyssa

It’s amazing how much your whole life can change in a blink of an eye, and let me tell you that Facebook memory feature will humble your ass real quick. In a blink of an eye, less than a mili second, you have the power to change your life without even knowing it. Taking steps and being strategic with all that life throws your way, and before you know it your here. Now that your here, first of all, how the heck did you get here, secondly, now that you are here..what are you going to do ? ADJUST. Change is the most uncomfortable feeling, situation, or season you can ever be in. But for some odd reason it is needed. Needed for Growth, needed to live, needed to survive. It’s no way a person has evolved if they are still doing the same thing they were doing 5 years before. There’s a meme that says “stay away from “still” ass people…still broke… still complaining..still stressed etc” you get the drift, but it is so true. If someone is stagnant in life, unfortunately, there is not that much that can be offered to someone who is continually growing and thriving in this same life.

With all that being said…this shit is still scary AF. Who told me to change and why? Comfort is the cousin to stagnation. Some people never leave they’re comfort zones and I think that is quite I am learning that I take chances and leap alot further than others because I have dealt with my share of pain and know first hand that life is too short to keep waiting on that right moment. Seize the day and take charge with what you want. Live in the moment and embrace every experience and mistake you make along the way. My daughter is so proud of how far we have come and today my Facebook daily memory reminder gave me that same sentiment. As scared as I am.. I am also Proud! Who told me to change ? GOD that’s who! And As I continue to ride this roller coaster I am forever grateful for where we have come and are goingZ Claiming More Wins Than Losses This Year ! #2020Vision #WomenCrushWednesdays #AdjustingAlyssas #ChangingChasitys

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