Pendelum Push

My brother told me Life is just like a pendelum with each high comes a new low. One of the best explanations of what real life is really like that I have gotten to this date. While your at your highest point how do you feel ? Unstoppable right? Life is amazing beyond words and you are literally on cloud 9. Almost feels like nothing can go wrong. Until that pendelum starts to descend. You literally can feel the positive energy leave with each increment that pendelum drops. Penedelum is described in the Oxford dictionary as being used to refer to the tendency of a situation to oscillate between one extreme and another. Interesting.
Staying positive through lives twists in turns is hard AF. Trust me I know. It’s like with every blessing comes a counteraction of stress with every swing of your penedelum.
This weekend my pendelum descended with a bang, bringing me to one of the scariest moments of my life! As I experienced my first major car accident which resulted in a totaled car and a shooken up 5 year old, it hit me at that moment that I was so busy trying to keep my penedelum from dropping that I wasn’t preparing myself for when it actually did drop! It’s one of those inevitable things what goes up must come down!
I took the next few days to reflect and focus on what is most dearest to me. There are so many signs so far this year that show our time here is limited. Understanding how essential and precious time is will shift your whole aspect of life. Shift it now if you have to! Don’t delay…I’m taking a conscious effort to breathe and let God take the wheel. Bills Money and Stress will be there regardless if your alive or dead. It won’t mean much if you aren’t here to enjoy or deal with it. Love hard and often and practice kindness at all time. This life is too precious and short! Are you prepared for when your pendelum starts to drop ? #Reflecfion #Preparation #PendelumPush

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