Vocal Vikki

Do yal smell that? Smells like victory cooking! We have come a long long long way and have an even longer way to go, but can we take a moment to embrace where we are in time right now! Statues are dropping to the floor, confederate flags are actually being taken down, corporation and buisnesses are even acknowledging Black Lives Matter more boldly than they ever have done before. It’s almost a mass ripple effect that has caused massive support and an upbringing of unity across the world.

Can yal feel that? That warmth against your brown skin..feels like solidarity wrapping its big arms around you and you can finally exhale. For the first time in my 33 years of living, black people across the nation have FINALLY come to the same page. We all can agree that we are tired. Some more than others as George Floyd’s death has finally hit a nerve in anyone who has a heart. As much as this major step in humanity has already broken history, it causes me to think back to the same history we are breaking today. George Floyd wasn’t the first black life we have lost to police brutality, unfortunately he won’t be the last (R.I.P Rayshard Brooks), but what about all of those that have gone before him?

I definitely agree in full that George Floyd’s death serves as a catalyst for an overdue movement that should have never stopped since the years of segregation, but the empath in my feels for the families of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Anthony Ashord, India Kager, Janet Wilson, Stephon Clark, and Breonna Taylor, to name a few, who still are seeking justice in their untimely death’s. It makes me feel for myself and my own family who’s lives have also been shaken and stirred by the sudden death of a loved one. No, my mother did not die in the arms of a police officer, but the lack of efficient resources, care, or compassion for her black life from the U.S. government feels just as crippling as a knee on the neck. Period. I’m angry, I’m mad, I’m triggered and the best way we can fight back and fight the hurt is to fight together.

Can yal see that ? It looks like a new day. Coming across the horizon. Learning and trying my best to not stay in those angry and hurtful feelings has been the hardest part for me personally. I’ve been feeling crippled in my pain, alone, and frustrated. Through it all, I do know a change is coming and there is no way can we all deny the feeling. We will fight because we were born to fight. We will fight because this is our time. We will fight for our children. We will fight for our ancestors. But the best part of it all…is that we will fight together! The Revolution Won’t Be Televised..It Will Be Internalized- Ralph Smart

#Revolution #VocalVikki #2020 #BlackLivesMatter

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