Manifesting Mary

Words are spells. What you think and say becomes a reality so it’s of dire importance to think and say only positive things! Hard AF right !? Especially in this odd time we are living in where it seems like we are being hit left and right by any and everything negative. It sucks ass! But this is the time where we have to focus even more on all of the little as it may be..because that little bit of focus on that lil glimmer of hope can lead to a world wind of blessings that you really dont want to miss by sulking. There is always light in the dark and as I continue to push myself to stay steadfast on healthy habits the more I can see it. As you grow older you realize how important peace is in your life. Do you know it’s a lot easier to attain than you think ? Our parents taught us that practice makes perfect but it’s mindboggling to me to think that as adults we want miracles to happen after only giving an ounce of effort. You want those abs but did 3 crunches..with this formula you won’t get far!

With time I am learning the more consistent and intentional you are with your own personal goals the more the universe will show you that you are on the right path. You literally reap what you sow so why not sow only good things in your life so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Your intentions serve as a key to bringing forth anything you desire. It all starts with your mind, your will to believe, and effort to stay consistent. Manifestation is definitely real and I’ve watched it come to play in so many peoples lives including my own. Once you realize that you have created your reality it becomes addictive and hopefully you won’t stop.

Even in this time we can intentionally manifest and dream for a better world. I know if we ALL pray for salvation it will come to pass. Everything takes time but even more importantly everything takes faith. Stay steadfast..stay believing..stay manifesting

You. Are. Magic.

#ManifestingMary #Magic #Intention #Believe

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