Say Her Name

#BreonnaTaylor…I know right…another sad black lives matter story with no real happy ending. No satisfying feel of justice or pleasure to know that this young woman did not die in vain. If this isn’t the clear indication that a black person’s life in America means absolutely nothing than I do not know what is. Even after having a BLACK PRESIDENT run this land we call home FOR 8 YEARS we still cannot feel victorious in our own skin. We are fearful! Despite having to live with the grief of a beautiful soul gone way too soon and for no reason, America continues to show us that it doesnt matter how hard you work, how well you dress, or what you drive…as Jay-Z would say you “Still Nigga”.

We have such a long way to go and already coming from such a long journey, I am here to say and admit…WE IS TIRED! Tired of crying, tired of trying to understand our place in this land that we did not ask to be brought to. I will forever be grateful for my home and this community I have built in America but with the way things continue to go here it makes me really consider jumping ship and getting the *beep* out of here before its too late!

Its a sad time we live in and I want us all to really sit and feel these feelings we are in right now. Let it marinate…now…get a pen and paper…write down the first goal that you plan to accomplish before this shitty year of 2020 is done and…get to work!

We have to keep going! Keep educating ourselves and keep thriving. Breonna Taylor’s criminal trial verdict may not feel like justice to you but lets get past the pain and understand WHY things are literally set up to try and make us fail in America. We are too strong of a people to be ridiculed and treated like the bottom of the food chain. Lets build up and lets fight…lets lean on each other and heal…but we have to do it TOGETHER.

RIP Breonna Taylor! Gone but will never be forgotten! #BreonnaTaylor #Justice

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